About Jepix and this Blog

What Madness is this?

Sleep tight, son!
Hi Ho, the inglorious Jepix here. (stop staring)
I call myself Jesper Thuresson among humans and have survived about 7300 days thus far. I spend most of my days thinking up madness, which I on rare occasions dot down on some innocent and unknowing medium, preferably paper or right down the ol' Finnish sauna-proof laptop I use for my dirty deeds. I am Swedish by the way, can't you tell?

What kind of blog is this? What's the purpose?
Basically pushing out the things I make in a reader-friendly (lol) format that is easy to follow (there is an RSS!) and enjoy. There is probably more to it, like straightening my art and forcing schedules upon my poorly organized soul, but do not bother thinking about it too much, puny mortals.

Updates? What's up with the UPDATES?!
I aim to update at least once a week, but I am still trying to fit a working schedule to my CHAOTIC and ADVENTUROUS life. 
Seriously though I have two jobs.
Kind of.

--- Space reserved for further strings of texts containing subjects that currently escapes me ---